Get Fit Discount with MN State Shutdown

Get_Fit_MN with our Government Shutdown Discount!

We’re now 10+ days of the Minnesota State Government shutdown and I am outraged that my elected representatives have been unable to get one of their primary roles completed in enough time to avoid completely shutting down the government.   Wow.  And WTF!

You, however, can Get Fit and cash in big with our Day X Government Shutdown Discount Program … running up through and until day 20.

Get X% off of any training package on Government Shutdown Day X.  The only caveat is that it’s over when it’s over, and it’s for new clients only.   So, you can hold the dice and hope for day 19 or 20,  but when your favorite 134 elected officials finally figure it out, and there will be no discounts!

But, here is your chance to get fit while your state congress gets fat!

Maybe they shouldn’t have been debating how we’re going to spend money we don’t have on a football team that doesn’t have an operating league.

Or maybe they shouldn’t have been discussing marriage or gay marriage or same sex marriage constitutional amendments.

Hey, I’m just sayin’….

Maybe, just maybe they should have been tackling the budget!!

Although, as we all know, it isn’t completely shut down, or I wouldn’t be able to send in my payroll taxes, or property taxes, or income taxes (which, in recent years, has been small enough that even the legislators could count it).


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