Men’s Summer Fashion Tips from a Pro

Last we talked about Women’s summer fashion.    As promised then, this week I caught up with Image Consultant Linda Froiland to chat about men’s summer fashion this week.

Randy: What do guys need to keep in mind when shopping?

Linda:  “Shirts are the work horse of your wardrobe so make sure you buy quality or you will be replacing it sooner than later. Fit is important,  of course, but when purchasing a dress shirt for a man, the first thing to remember is purchase the best you can afford.  You want the cuffs to come to just above the top of your thumb.  All the buttons need to line up and not gap.  The collar at the neck needs to be comfortable without gaping.  Look at the quality of the stitching.  Is it even and straight?  Here is another trick of the trade:  if you have long arms showing more of the cuff below your jacket sleeve it helps create the illusion of shorter arms. If you have short arms, show very little of the cuff; it helps create an illusion of a longer arm.”

Randy: OK, and white was a favorite for the women last week, what about for men?

Linda: “Well, there’s tons of information out there about the classic white shirt , so I am going to keep it very simple:  there is nothing better than a crisp white shirt in the summer.  Make sure the shirt’s fit is impeccable, that the shoulders are where your shoudlers are, that buttons don’t gap, that stitching it straight and evenly spaced.”

Randy: And how do you keep it crisp and white?

Linda: :If you get a stain on a white shirt, there are several things you can do to help remove them. Make a paste of your detergent and add a bit of bleach or 1/4 cup baking soda to the paste.  If the stain is grass, red wine or something a little more difficult to remove, consider buying a Carbona’s spot removers bottle – each bottle has a specific stain labeled on it.  I’ve had pretty good luck with them.”

If your shirt has gotten dingy use Rit Dye, Whitener and Brightener or White Wash to restore your shirt to it’s original white.

Randy:  I know it’s summer, but please tell me about slacks.

Linda: Once it mattered whether your pants had pleats or not, and whether you had cuffs on the bottom of your pants. Fashion I am sure had something to do with it. Now however, you’re on your own in discovering what it is that you want to do about either one.   But here’s a little advise to help you with that decision. Pleats are usually used when there is a tummy. It helps to fit the pants and for movement in them while wearing them. Flat front is definitely the more preferred look.   I suggest you take a second person with you such as a trusted friend or an image consultant. With cuffs they definitely add interest to the pants, but they also create a shorter leg. Again see what looks best on you.”

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