Image Consultant Guest Posting: Summer Stylin’

I had the good fortune to interview my friend and strategic business partner: image consultant Linda Froidland this week about summer style and dress.  

Ladies will be 1st this week; guys I’ll have something similar for you next! 

Randy: Linda, why is that what you wear and how you look are important?
Linda:  “It takes less than three minutes for someone to decide who and what you are. First by your personal appearance, second by your body language and third by your verbal communication.  It takes another twenty times meeting someone for them to change that perception.
It’s true what they say:  the first impression is the lasting impression, so fitness, health, grooming and attention to detail have many great rewards. They get you a better table at a restaurant, a better ticket for the theatre and more.”

Randy: And what exactly do you do?

“I love fashion, I have been reading Vogue magazine since I was twelve years old. The thing about fashion is that it’s what makes us change and evolve. It’s how we identify the time frame when we look at old pictures. Fashion however, only works when it’s part of helping you develop your own person style.

Randy: And how does a person develop a personal style?”

Linda: ” When shopping!  And when shopping for fashion here are some great tips on how to add it to your wardrobe.”

1. Know you body type and what looks good on you.
2. Know what you can add that will go with other things in your closet.
3. If it’s outrageous don’t bust the bank buying it. Have a budget for fashion.
4. Stay true to the message of who you are and not what Fashion says you should be.

You will enjoy shopping and purchasing items much more if you keep these tips in mind.” 

Randy: “You mentioned white in an earlier conversation.  Tell me about that”

Linda: “White, or the opposite of black, stands for purity and cleanliness. It’s a great color to wear in a shirt or blouse for business, especially the financial world. There is nothing better than an all white outfit in the summer, or white jeans, my personal favorite.

Randy: “White Jeans?”

Linda: “Yes, In the summer I love wearing white jeans, although the truth is I wear them all year round. White jeans just seem to say summer.   Here is what you need to know about buying white jeans: 

  1. Make sure the fabric is heavy enough so it’s not see through.
  2. Buy a style that compliments your body type.
  3. Make sure they fit like they were made for you.
  4. Remember even jeans can be altered (especially at the waist so you can’t see down your pants when sitting).
Randy: “Is it true that black tends to be a slimming color, and white less so?”
Linda:  “Yes, that’s mostly true.  You can’t hide much with white jeans.  If you’re overweight white jeans may not be a good choice for you, but it depends on the individual.”
As a side note, if you think white jeans are for you, check out the Denimology blog here. 

Randy: “That’s awesome.  What else can you offer as simple summer image tips?”

If you don’t know what looks good take an image consultant along with you when you shop.   Sales people are just that: sales people;  they are there to sell you clothes.  Friends are sometimes not honest because they don’t want to hurt your feelings. This summer white jeans maybe just the ticket because if the weather is not exactly cooperating these will at least make you feel like you are having summer.”



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