10 Days to Summer – Need an Emergency Fitness Plan?

With some luck, you’ve been increasing your lean body mass for a few months now with excellent form and full range of motion resistance exercise.

You’ve been resistance training 3 or 4 times weekly and completingg a well balanced program of 2 hours of cardio each week.  You’ve eliminated all of the junk from your diet, get sufficient protein intake, keep well hydrated, and keep saturated fats intake to a minimum!

If this is you, you’re probably looking and feeling great and are very much looking forward to summer!

But if not, don’t panic.  There’s still time left to salvage some fitness for summer!   If you need an Emergency Fitness Action Plan, here is your …

Get Fitness Together Emergency Fitness Plan (EFP)!

First, take that 1st step to committing to getting fit.   No one simply get’s fit because they’re interested.    There are too many distractions, too many excuses, too many high fat content fast foods, too many sugar loaded dairy things, and too many other things in life to get fit because you’re interested.  You must make the commitment and decide to get fit.  It doesn’t happen casually.

It all starts in your head.   Because where your head goes, your body must follow!

 And if you’re on an EFP, you’re head needs to take action TODAY.

The next step is to start building your Metabolic Engine.   Plan for resistance exercise no fewer than 4 days per week.  Get some help if you’re new to resistance exercise.  Don’t just start running, especially if you are de-trained or highly unfit.  You’ll simply blow up in Zone 5, catabolize lean muscle mass,  and increase your body fat content in the process .. if you’re lucky.  If you’re unlucky, you’ll strain or sprain something, start eating like a horse to cover the state of ketosis your body will experience, and lose all hope in about 14 days.   Not Good.

Have someone hold you accountable.    If you have a personal trainer, you’re set.   A good trainer will definitely tick you off at least once a week by pestering, nagging … even guilting you into maintaining regular exercise attendance.   Got an important work deadline?  We don’t care – no piece of soon-to-be-forgotten paperwork is as important as your health.  Got family coming in from New Hampshire this weekend?  That’s great – how about bringing Aunt Nellie in for some cardio too?   Not feeling ‘up for exercise today?’   Oh please,  that’s the MOST IMPORTANT time to exercise.  It’s all head trash.   That’s a trainer’s job: part physiologist; part psychologist; part entertainer; and full-time scheduling machine.

Just move.  Complete no fewer than 2 hours of cardio each week.  But don’t make it too hard.  Nor too easy.  The best way, and the most  appropriate way to incorporate cardio into any program, especially if you’re on the EFP, is to introduce Long Slow Cardio into your life.

Coincidentally, it happens to be Bike to Work Month!  For 10 more days you can reduce your carbon footprint, get started on long slow cardio, and see people and parts of town never before imagined!      Honestly, I’ve been riding my bike to work since my 1st job as a lifeguard when I as 16 years old.  I also biked to work when I was in college, and when I worked in technology during the earlier years of my career.  The hardest part is deciding to get it done.  Here’s where to start.  

So then, here’s the Emergency Fitness Plan Exercise Prescription for the next 1o days:

  1. Low intensity, form-focussed range of motion resistance training
  2. Long Slow Cardio – test ride your bike to work and back
  3. Moderate Intensity, form-focussed High repetition resistance training
  4. Long, Slow Cardio
  5. Rest
  6. Moderate Intensity, form focussed High repetition resistance training
  7. Moderate Intensity, Moderate Duration Cardio
  8. Active Rest – lawn mowing, gardening, yard work, etc.
  9. High Intensity Resistance Exercise
  10. Long Slow Cardio

What do you think?  

Please leave a comment or take my (above) poll! 


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