All New Fitness Together Minneapolis R.E.S.T Program!

It is with great pleasure that Fitness Together Minneapolis today announces an all new exercise similation program!

As you probably know, there is an important link between mind and body, and Fitness Together Minneapolis has been doing a lot of research around how to leverage that hidden power.

What we came up with, and what we’re announcing today, April 1st, is the Remembering Exercise Simulation Together (R.E.S.T) program.

“We’ve thought about it a lot, and eventually concluded that it’s a whole lot easier on trainers, clients, managers … everyone … if we simply thought about exercise rather than actually doing some exercise,” Fitness Together Minneapolis  Owner and Chief Fitness Officer Randy Zarecki explained.

With R.E.S.T, clients will still come to our studios and work 1 on 1 with a trainer, but instead of actually exercising, clients will simply think about exercising (R.E.S.T).

“Come in in regular street clothes and shoot the breeze with a trainer about the good old days when you were active and fit … when you slept well, and had tons of energy … all simulated without any actual physical effort!”

“And don’t forget that we’re in a recession here too. Just think of all of those calories saved by remaining sedentary for another hour or so each day. Not to mention the reduction in our carbon footprint found with reduced towel and showering needs, ” Zarecki added.

Available immediately, R.E.S.T program packages are priced similar to the actual training program packages, though introductory pricing is available through April 1st, 2011 Only!

An accompanying liquor license, buffalo wings, and multiple large screen plasma tvs are also being considered for the R.E.S.T. program.


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