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Save $15,263 with these two daily exercises

The Pioneer Press reported last Sunday  that Knee Replacement Surgery costs have doubled in the past ten  years from $4.6 Billion annually to over $10.4 Billion in 2008.

Wow.   TEN BILLION (with a B) DOLLARS has been spent on knee replacements!

The average cost of a knee replacement in 2008…

  • NOT including payments to surgeons and
  • NOT including lost working wages and
  • NOT including lost personal and professional productivity in the 8 week process

… is about $15,000.

Whether you pay it out of your pocket,  or split it with your insurance company or health care provider, that’s a big number! You could train with a personal trainer 3 days per week for almost 2 years for that kind of money! (and avoid surgery in the process)

But you won’t need to!  Because today, we’re going to show you a couple of very simple exercises from our Trainer in a Bag Series to improve the stability of your knee joints so that you won’t have to have surgery!

In the studio, more sophisticated equipment exists for strengthening the knee joint.  In keeping with the Trainer in a Bag theme, however, we’ll do some simple exercises you can do at home, or when you’re on the road!

The first will be a squat with a resistance tube with a mini stability ball between your knees. Resistance can be varied with this exercise two ways:

  1. Shorten (easier) or lengthen (harder) the amount of tubing between your feet; and
  2. Choose easier (lighter colored) tubes or harder (darker colored) tubes

The second exercise you can do to improve the stability of your knees is a hamstring exercise called a ball curl. The resistance on this exercise can be varied 4 ways:

  1. Hips flat on the ground with two feet
  2. Hips flat on the ground with one leg at a time
  3. Hips off of the ground with two feet
  4. Hips off of the ground with one leg at a time

Build up your knees, don’t replace them!


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