7 Steps to Cut your Death Risk 50%

Black Friday is this week, and you’ll see discounts galore if you dare venture into the high stress environs of the local malls.

10% off this, 20% off of that, etc.    But if it’s a deal you’re after,  your best bet is to have a clean, healthy meal and head to the gym for a workout!

For as the LA Times reports, the American Heart Association announced last week at it’s Chicago conference, that you can cut your chances of developing cardiovascular disease in half ...yes, by 50%

by following 7 simple principles:

  1. Get Active
  2. Eat Better
  3. Lose Weight
  4. Stop Smoking
  5. Control cholesterol
  6. Manager Blood Pressure
  7. Reduce Blood sugar

The good news, in my opinion, is that these 7 can be even further reduced to just 3 …

  1. Exercise Frequently
  2. Eat Healthy, Eat Often, and Eat Light
  3. Stop Smoking

… because regular exercise and intelligent eating are the most effective ways to Lose Weight, Control Cholesterol, Manage Blood Pressure, and Reduce Blood Sugar!

If you’re struggling to exercise regularly, you might find my 5 Holiday Training Secrets helpful.

And if you struggle with all of the holiday foods, check out my Essential Holiday Eating Tips from last week!

Eating Right + Exercising Regularly = Living Longer & Living Stronger



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