A Mid Summer’s Training Edge

If you’re looking to lose that last 10 pounds (always the toughest), or looking to pick up the program now that swim suit weather is here, or just looking to get past a plateau, mental impediment, or otherwise ‘flat’ training this time of the year, I have just the thing to kick it up a notch!

It’s called Two-a-day workouts!

Long used in various athletic camps as a way to increase volume and intensity, exercising twice daily is one of the easiest ways to crank up your program!  Get it Morning/Noon, or Morning/Evening,  or Noon/Evening … whichever works best.

Your current workout probably includes something like a 10 to 15 minute warmup, 45 minutes of resistance training, and then another 20 to 30 minutes of cardio for a total of between 75 and 90 minutes.  Which is terrific!  But can also be somewhat unapproachable week after week, month after month.  Especially when it’s hot outside.

This is where two-a-days step in quite nicely.

Rather than completing that single 75-90 minute workout, split the effort into two much shorter 20 to 30 minute workouts!

A single 30 minute workout is short, sweet, and much more mentally approachable.  Heck, it’s not even a workout …really more of a workoutling … a workout too small, cute, and incomplete to be areal workout.  Get in, get it done, and be on your way!

Training twice daily  for 30 minutes each instead of once for 75 minutes has other advantages too.

For one, you raise your metabolism twice daily instead of just once. Not only do you burn calories while exercising, but you’ll burn additional calories recovering from the exercise after your workout.   And if you’ve had a nice little intense workout, the elevated metabolic rate can burn extra calories for up to 2 hours!  Twice daily!

Additionally, two workouts give you one more boost of energy throughout the day to help moderate those stress levels, as well as a second shot of endorphins!

Last, it gives you an opportunity for complete recovery between workouts you would otherwise not get in a single longer workout.  Unless you’re a professional athlete, your energy levels 30 minutes into a workout are much different than they were at the start. Twice a days allow you to apply high quality effort to your entire workout.

Here are a couple of ways to incorporate twice daily workouts:

  1. Use the AM workout for strength training; and the PM workout for cardio
  2. Use the AM workout for high intensity strength training; and the PM workout for range of motion, flexibility and/or functional training
  3. Use the AM workout for high intensity cardio interval training; and the PM workout for moderate cardio

A few things to keep these things in mind for a twice daily workout regimen:

  1. It’s just 30 minutes, so plan for being seriously committed for the entire workout; it goes fast!
  2. Rest no more than 1 minute between sets if you’re resistance training
  3. Drink plenty of water before, during, and after each workout
  4. Wear your headphones, and don’t make eye contact with anyone else in the gym (no time to get pulled away into a conversations)
  5. Look ahead, and plan your next exercise before you’re finished with your current one
  6. Have an alternate exercise in mind with alternate equipment to keep you moving should your equipment get taken before you get there
  7. Go relatively light with high repetitions (20+) on the 1st set of any resistance exercise
  8. Plan for no fewer than 10-12 repetitions on any exercise (again, making the workout more aerobic in nature to compensate for reduced cardio)
  9. Be sure to consume a high quality post workout recovery meal/drink
  10. Check with your trainer if you think I’ve said something stupid

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