Top 10 Tips for staying Fit while on the road!

Summer’s here and it’s easy to miss or avoid exercise while

‘on vacation.’

Just remember though … your metabolism NEVER quits! All of those extra calories looking back at you will either be converted into heat through exercise, or land plump on your backside.Here then are my top 10 tips for maintaining good health and fitness while vacationing!

1. Plan Active Vacations. Plan to hike the canyons, paddle the boundary waters, backpack a national park, or ride your bike! If you’re driving far and wide, build biking or hiking excursions into your trip plan.
2. Discuss Exercise with your traveling partner(s) before you hit the road. Which cities and parks will offer exercise opportunities. Plan for exercising on at least half of the days you travel. You will both sleep better and increase your appetite for all of that great food you find!
3. See sights in new cities by cycling. You’ll save on parking fees, avoid the stress of auto traffic in a foreign land, and get healthier in the process! Bike shops everywhere will rent bikes, and have tips and maps for safe riding in urban areas. A simple web search for bike rentals in your destination city will find plenty of options. Better yet, if you’re driving, get a bike rack and take your own bike with you! We Believe in Bikes.
4. Pack active and exercise attire accordingly. If it isn’t in in your bag, you can’t use it! So, be sure to pack footwear and clothing for hiking, biking, and/or a gym workout. A single pair lightweight tennis shoes, gym shorts, and a t shirt works perfectly for all of these!
5. Get a Healthy Breakfast. Plan for a clean, high protein breakfast to start your day. Also, be sure to have a protein bar or two handy. You’ll get more site seeing accomplished, and be healthier snacking on a protein bar or two throughout the day than you otherwise would stopping for ‘tourist trap’ food.
6. Avoid deep fat fried foods like the plague! This tip goes for always, but is especially critical for when you’re traveling. If you’re spending a lot of time in the car you might be spending only half of the calories you would otherwise spend on a normal day.
7. Eat Clean while in the car. If you’re on a road trip, impose and enforce a Healthy Foods Only Rule: bottled water, fruit, nuts, and lite sandwiches ONLY allowed in the car. Not all travel and convenience stores are created equal, but some of the better ones (Kwik Trip, Holiday, Loves, TA) have cheap bananas, fresh fruit, fruit cups, baby carrots, and great tasting skim milk.
8. Exercise 1st. If your day includes a planned exercise event, do it first thing in the morning so that all of the uncertainty of travel won’t get in the way of your workout later in the day.
9. Carry your bag or pull a cart if you golf. You’ll spend almost 3 times as many calories as you would if you dump your but into a rider.
I am always shocked at how out of place I look when stretching at rest areas. EVERYONE should be stretching there. Warm up a bit first with a brisk 5 minute walk (park at the far end of the lot), then stretch every muscle group you can find … twice!

10. Stretch. And stretch some more.


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