Green Gardening and Nutritional Exercise!

Spring is in the air, and as just as sure as the birds are singing at 5:00AM, those pesky dandelions have been popping up everywhere!

But before you get after them with your weed control products, give some consideration to harvesting them as a nutrient! In fact, they are incredibly nutritious and  you can eat the flowers, leaves, and roots!

A large plate full (55g) will carry just 25 calories, and is rich in Vitamin A, Vitamin K, Calcium, and Iron.    The raw plant is quite bitter however, so you’ll more than likely want to use them in a dish rather than straight off the yard.

Many dandelion recipe sites are found with a quick google search.    Soups,  Salads, and Wine are a few of the more popular products.

We harvested a few ourselves last weekend. You’ll need to triple rinse them before you do anything else with them … they come up with a lot of dirt!   I then separated the roots, leaves and flowers, using the leaves as a sparingly added green to raw salads (in proportion to something like endive), and added the flowers to my green tea.   I can’t say I’ll be going after my neighbor’s plants, but they are indeed an interesting change of taste!

But what’s more,  a 154# person can burn off 314 calories per hour harvesting them!  Use good form, and bend you knees, not your back with either a lunge or squat motion!


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